The Viscri 32 house was built in 1912 by Johann Dootz and his family on the foundation of an older cottage house

Johann Dootz passed away in the First World War but his legacy still remains present and his signature is still carved and painted in the original beams.

We restored the old saxon house with guidance from a good friend, architect Cristian Kiss – born in nearby Rupea and based in Cluj-Napoca. Only with his advices on traditional materials and techniques and with the help of a local craftsmen – Boholtan family – we succeeded to restore the charm of the 2 original rooms, while giving them the twist of modernity necessary for the bathroom or workspace areas.

In time, local carpenters from Viscri and Rupea joined our team and they did an amazing job in building the missing windows and doors; and yes, everything still looks and feels as if the Saxon people are still living here.

We restored many pieces of furniture, we brought traditional pottery, we built 2 beautiful painted stoves and bought the missing “armuroi” , which is a traditional Saxon painted value locker mounted into a wall.

1. Johann’s Room

Johann’s room has been the space kept for guests even in the times when Saxons still lived in the house. Nowadays, it has 2 beds: a traditional Saxon drawer bed and a queen size bed, hosting 3-4 people and ideal for a couple with one or two children.
The bathroom has a metal bathtub with wooden sculpted legs and a vintage metal sink.
Johann’s room also offers a charming 1818 bench, a painted chest of drawers and a white stove with “Transylvania” tiles from Medias.
The beams are well preserved with all the decorations, the construction year and Johann’s signature easy to admire.

You can book this room on Airbnb. For a tailored offer please email us.

2. Fräulein Room

A carefully restored Saxon room previously used by the lady of the house. One of the original 2 rooms built by Johann Dootz in 1912, this room features traditional Cisnadie tiles, a typical painted Saxon deposit called “Armuroi” and a private comfortable bathroom. The 1912 carved signature in the beams is still visible and the rooms incorporates a comfortable queen size bed made in Harghita county and a tradition Saxon 4 people bench.

You can book this room on Airbnb. For a tailored offer please email us.

3. The porch

We reconverted the porch into an open kitchen and a laptop friendly workspace, designed using restored pieces of furniture, traditional pottery, Teracota Medias tiles and old drawers and lockers from our grandmothers.