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Recap: Transylvanian Cuisine Shines at the World Gastronomical Conference in Morelia, Mexico

Last weekend, from November 24-26, 2023, we proudly presented Transylvania’s rich and diverse gastronomy at the World Gastronomical Conference in Morelia, Mexico. This esteemed event served as a global hub for culinary traditions and showcased meticulous efforts to preserve Mexican cuisine, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage.

During the conference, Mara Oană captivated attendees with her Master Class on “Balmos” and “Ciorba de fasole cu prune uscate si tarhon,” creatively blending traditional Transylvanian recipes with locally sourced Mexican ingredients. The enthusiastic response underscored global appreciation for diverse culinary heritages.

Insights and Reflections from Morelia

We were delighted by the Mexican people’s familiarity with Romanian culture and cuisine. Equally heartening was the warm reception from colleagues in Spain and Italy, marking a significant moment as the first Eastern European guest speakers at this esteemed conference.

Mexican cuisine holds a special place as a cultural heritage of humanity, designated by UNESCO since 2010. Alongside France, Mexico is one of only two countries recognized for their national cuisine’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. The cuisine of Michoacán plays a pivotal role in Mexico’s cultural identity, reflecting a deep commitment to preserving culinary traditions.

In addition to Mara’s Master Class, Alexu Toader emphasized Viscri 32’s dedication to innovating while honoring tradition, shaping the future of Transylvanian cuisine.

We had the privilege of discussing Transylvania’s rich food heritage with Dr. Gloria López Morales, a key figure in UNESCO’s recognition of gastronomy as part of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Attendees also gained insights into the Romanian Doina, acknowledged by UNESCO since 2009 for its significance in Romanian folklore.

Join us as we reflect on the invaluable insights gained at the World Gastronomical Conference in Morelia, Mexico, where we celebrated the vibrant and varied tastes of Transylvania.