Once upon a time in a place far, far away…

Our Transylvanian house is right in the heart of the Viscri village at number 32, equally close to the 12th century Fortified Church – on one end and HRH Prince’s Charles cottage house – on the other.
Here, we restored the old saxon house with its original 2 rooms, we build 2 individual bathrooms and we reconverted the porch into an open kitchen and a workspace (wi-fi access, printer and scanner, laptop friendly). And yes, everything still looks and feels as if the Saxon people are still living here (restored pieces of furniture, traditional pottery, 2 beautiful painted stoves and the traditional saxon “armuroi” – painted value locker mounted into a wall).
Afterwards we turned our attention on the barn area where we transformed the old stables into a kitchen and the old barn into a restaurant. Behind the nowadays barn-restaurant there is a beautiful orchard where you can take your breakfast or drink a cup of tea or a elderflower fizzy drink. From the orchard there is a pathway that leeds you on a remote road to the fortified church.
In 2015, when we found this small and relatively remote village, away from the main roads, full of traditional saxon houses, authentic peasants, 300 cows, clean air and an old 12th century church (Unesco World Heritage Sit), we were so impressed by this place/felt a connection with this place that we sold our properties in Bucharest and changed everything about our lives right here in Viscri.
This is where you can still find – we are Mara and Alexu, your hosts at:
Viscri 32 – Visdeviscri: Cottage rooms & Viscri-Village-Kitchen barn restaurant.
Can’t wait to meet you!