Our rooms are located in the Blue House, built in 1912 by the Dootz family, and in the New Barn, a romantic reconversion of a wooden barn built in 1869. We started the restoration process in 2016 using local craftsmen and traditional materials and techniques.

From the start, our goal was to respect the original methods used in masonry around the area. We gave life to the place with the help of our architect, Cristian Kiss, and a trustworthy team of craftsmen from the region. By using old style, Saxon charm, and a twist of modern ingenuity, we touched up the rooms, filled them with authentic, restored furniture pieces, and incorporated two bathrooms and a kitchen to satisfy contemporary city dweller needs.

Our adventure was shaped by the openness and willingness of some our neighbours to contribute to our story. We had help from local carpenters who worked wonders on fixing missing windows and doors, or using hand made materials to remake the walls of the house.

We learn a lot about restoring furniture, hunting for antiques in the villages and antique fairs, finding traditional pottery and even assembling our own painted wood stoves. One of our crowning success stories was replacing the missing “armuroi” of the house, which is a Saxon painted wall chest.

In 2020 we put the finishing touches on the conversion of our small barn into two additional guest rooms. We wanted to offer an authentic stay with a modern touch. The two rooms in the attic work as a canvas for organic textures such as old wood, handmade bricks, painted ceramic tiles and earth plaster.

1. Johann’s Room

Originally known as the “good room” where guests were received, Johann’s room has been kept as the best looking in the house since the Saxons lived in it. It has two beds, one of which is a traditional drawer bed, and another queen sized bed, to host 3-4 people. It’s ideal for a couple with one or two children. Parents, be warned: you might want to sleep on the top drawer instead of your little one.

The bathroom inside has a bathtub with sculpted, wooden legs and is decorated with painted terracotta tiles. If you choose Johann’s room, you’ll also be delighted by its 1818 decorated bench, a painted drawer chest, and a painted wood stove made from the last terracotta factory in nearby Medias. We also preserved the ceiling’s original beams where you can admire Johann’s penmanship in his carving of the year when the house was built and in his signature.

2. Fräulein Room

A carefully restored Saxon room that was previously used by the lady of the house. It features traditional tiles from Cisnadioara, a typical Saxon storage locker called “armuroi,” and a comfortable private bathroom with an authentic Saxon sink.

The bedroom features a comfortable queen sized bed handmade by carpenters in Harghita county, and a traditional four person bench Mara and Alexu saved.

3. Tree Room in the New Barn

A romantic room, redesigned to present authentic textures while offering modern comfort in the attic of the New Barn. When we thought of it, we were dreaming of summer nights spent lounging in barns on haystacks and gazing at the stars. We designed the roof using two layers of tiles which are visible from the inside of the room. The tree room also features a huge window facing a two centuries old walnut-tree, a bathroom sink made from a carved wooden bowl by local artisans from Sibiu, terracotta tile decorations from Medias, and a transparent glass tile roof light.

4. Sunset room in the new barn (twin)

Our only room facing the White Barn, the Sunset Room has two twin beds and is decorated with authentic painted coffers. The bathroom is illuminated by glass tiles and the interior is designed using locally handmade bricks, painted tiles and wooden decorations. The roof is doubled on the inside with old ceramic tiles, identical to a traditional barn, while having the comfort and the energy-sustainability of a modern home.

5. Romantic Room in the New Barn (triple)

Our Romantic Barn Room is located in the middle of the property. It’s a spacious, yet cozy room with a garden view. It features a queen-size bed and a restored 1 person bed, authentic furniture and a wonderful bathroom, crafted with local materials. It’s ideal for a romantic couple vacation, for a family with one child and is also pet friendly.